The Ovi is the most versatile in the KIN line-up. The low entry rocker and volume under the chest helps it paddle in easily and hold speed through the flats. This is coupled with pinched rails and a pulled-in tail that can handle hollow waves and lock into the pocket.


The asymmetric outline promotes additional speed and drive on your toe-side through a straighter rail line and harder edges. Whereas the heel delivers control and dependability through increase curve and softer features.


The performance twin fin toe-side provides free flowing projection and vertical pivot off the bottom. The quad setup on the heel-side delivers seamless redirections and an abundance of hold through hard turns.


If you can only have one, the Ovi is a safe bet for waves ranging between 2-8ft.




Bottom: Vee - Flat - Single - Spiral Vee

Rail: Medium


Deck: Flat

Core: Stringerless EPS

Toe-side Fins: Performance Twin

Heel-side Fins: Quad


Available with your choice of classic glass-on baltic birch-ply, FCS Fusion, FCS 2 or Futures.



1730 x 510 x 64 Regular


From £510

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