Fast twitch sensitivity with unmatched speed and control


The side-cut design redistributes volume from the centre of the board out to the nose and tail, reducing the amount of water that’s displaced. This results in a dramatic increase in speed and paddle power.


The board has a fast twitch sensitivity, with narrow design reacting quickly to the input from your feet, taking less force and time to put on rail. Set your feet either side of the side-cut and feel the board light-up.


The concave outline is especially noticeable on late drops and hollow waves as it sucks into the wave face and gives an abundance of control at high speed unmatched by standard boards, while the wide tail planes efficiently through the flats.


With its even volume distribution, the Pinch is an efficient paddler and catches waves easily. Although the Pinch may look like a groveller, it really shows its true colours chest height plus waves with some push, where it taps into an extra gear and flies through sections.




Bottom: Slight rolled entry - Double inside single concave

Rail: Medium


Deck: Flat

Core: Stringerless EPS

Toe-side Fins: Performance Twin

Heel-side Fins: Quad


Available with your choice of classic glass-on baltic birch-ply, FCS Fusion, FCS 2 or Futures.



1750 x 500 x 65 Goofy


From £510

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